Revel Systems

Date Added

August 1, 2016

Project brief & details

This product was initially created only for the purpose of displaying to a customer interacting with the Revel Systems Point of Sale Solution the current items on their order. It now does that and much more, including huge reduction of wait time in line for customers, reward redemption for customer loyalty and better employee tip averages.

The first version of the product had been designed previous to my arrival with Revel, and was stifled with an unnecessary amount of information displaying on screen and zero loyalty features. It had started strictly as a display of prices and a what items were on any given customer’s order, but evolved into a fully featured loyalty and reward redemption interface for people visiting any of Revel’s clients’ stores.

The re-design of the interface kept in mind the original intention of the first version of the product which was to show customers what they were ordering & for how much, however many UI & UX enhancements were made to bring more opportunities for customer retention & more incentives for employees. For example, the tips screen was completely re-done in an effort to psychologically encourage more tipping, by simply rearranging where the “No Tip” button is compared to the product’s first iterations. Usability testing concluded that Quick Service style locations noticed a significant increase in employee tips (up to 40%) when the reconfiguration of those buttons occurred. This also happened because most people read left to right, so the first button they see is a tipping percentage instead of “No Tip”.

Another enhancement was the reduction of taps in general to do anything, including adding a tip. Prior, you had to choose a tip percentage, which then showed you the tip in an actual dollar amount displayed above the tip % button. A user then had to tap the “Next” button. Now, only one tap is required for tip selection because a user can see the percentage & dollar amount at the same time.

The main goal of all of this was to reduce wait times in line by creating a true “line-buster” product, and increase customer retention for businesses.

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