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3D Game Art, Other / Personal


Self-Instructional Practice

Date Added

August 1, 2016

Project Brief

This project was done as a 3D environment art study for personal development. I had begun the project in Unreal Development Kit, however shortly after I moved it into the CryEngine 3 Game Development Engine, for concerns that UDK was not high enough quality for what I had envisioned. CryEngine offered me much more flexibility with textures and lighting, and a higher graphical fidelity in general.

The entire environment was crafted over the span of 1 year from scratch, but was done in about 100 hours of actual work time. That includes multiple concepts of the environment itself, learning a new game engine, creating the 3D models in Maya, sculpting the high-poly models in zBrush, painting the textures in Mudbox & Photoshop, lighting the scene in-engine, coordinating sound effects and particle dynamics, and setting up cameras to film within the engine.

A link to a video fly-through of the environment can be seen here: Video Link

Tools used: Maya, zBrush, Photoshop, nDo, dDo, Topogun, Headus UV Layout, 3D Coat

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