Revel Systems

Date Added

August 1, 2016

Project brief & details

The Revel Kiosk was designed over the span of 3 to 4 months by 2 Designers (including myself), 1 Engineer and a Product Manager. Created from scratch as a new solution for business owners in the Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail industry, it is an extremely easy to use, fully featured kiosk system that is currently being sold and used across the globe.

A previous version of the product existed, however another designer & I were given the creative freedom to re-design, from the ground up, the entire experience of the self-service kiosk. Research was conducted by surveying the market’s needs, and bringing in various business owners & merchants to gather ideas about what particular features would help bring in more revenue to their businesses. It was found that loyalty & CRM tools were essential in keeping customers coming back, rewarding them for multiple visits and purchases through the kiosk itself. A user could enter credentials that would allow them to have loyalty & rewards, to be redeemed for free goods.

Used in conjunction with the Revel Systems Point of Sale Solution, a merchant could deploy a Kiosk station instead of having to increase labor costs by hiring more employees. The Kiosk itself is very customizable, and a merchant could configure imagery such as logos, product imagery, and even the entire screen when the iPad is in an idle state, to maximize the visibility of their brand.

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