Revel Systems

Date Added

August 1, 2016

Project brief & details

This project was done with a team of 2 designers (including myself) along with 1 Product Manager & 2 Engineers in the span of about 3 months. It was a complete re-design of Revel’s existing web order experience, adding new features and much more polished visuals. Our clients using the Revel Point of Sale Solution could pay for this product as an add-on to their service, which allowed them to have their own e-commerce shop online for any and all of their customers to use, being a fully integrated online ordering system with the Point of Sale.

In essence, this product acts as a pre-built web store not just for restaurants, but any kind of retail and hospitality shops as well. A business owner could make a change to their store from one central “back-office” URL, and changes would propagate to the Revel iPad Point of Sale stations, web apps, and mobile apps (REVELin App) in one swift action.

This product was created from the ground up with the feedback of dozens of business owners who wanted to have a web store of their own, but simply didn’t have the know-how or resources to build their own. Business owners told us about the most important aspects of their multiple business types (QSR, Restaurant, Retail, Spas, etc), and we used this knowledge as a basis for the research and design of the experience.

In designing such a product, it was extremely important to keep in mind the vast differences between the needs of Restaurants, Retail shops and other “hybrid” type establishments. Solutions to the issues of what one or the other needed were not always applicable to other business types. Something that worked for a restaurant didn’t always work for a retail shop, and visa versa. Solutions were brainstormed and then brought to each of the business owners as well as multiple product managers with expertise in any given business vertical, and their feedback was assessed and implemented in the scope of the project between myself, other designers, engineers and the business owners themselves.

The previous iterations of the product left little for business owners to customize, as far as branding was concerned. Only a custom logo and 3 different color schemes were allowed. In the new design, a merchant may fully customize their web store through various “back-office” customization settings and can use their own brand imagery and logos to show the world who they are, and varying options for customization are available depending on if the merchant’s establishment is a restaurant, a retail shop, or a mixture of both.

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