Revel Systems

Date Added

August 1, 2016

Project brief & details

REVELin was Revel Systems’ first B2C product that allows any of Revel’s merchant’s customers to find and order goods from all of their stores, from any mobile device at any time. The product was designed and developed for iOS and Android platforms within a span of about 5 months between 3 Product Managers, 2 Engineers, 1 other Designer & myself. A separate but cohesive E-Commerce experience was built to work on desktop web browsers to accomplish the same goal (See my E-Commerce project below).

Before I’d begun working at Revel, the idea of a B2C product was already conceptualized and designed by the team available at the time (a very small team totaling ~20 people, with not a single designer). The first iteration was an effort to catalog all the current Revel clients in the world and allowed users to buy things online from those stores using the app. However, the app was not adopting well and needed to be revised visually and functionally. It eventually evolved into a very large business opportunity when some of our larger clients began requesting a “customized app where we can sell our stuff online”. We decided to give our client’s a control panel, accessible via a Web URL, that would allow them to almost completely customize the app in terms of colors, logos, imagery and more. We also leveraged Revel’s enormous Loyalty Program into the app seamlessly, and that decision helped shape what the product is today: a fully customizable white label solution that allows merchants to generate and control their revenue for all their stores. It is currently being used by merchants big and small around the globe.

The advantage to using this app over any other similar one specifically is that it’s fully integrated with all of our clients that use the Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale Solution. Having an enormous loyalty program built in that spans across all platforms (iPad POS, web apps, mobile apps, mobile-web apps) and encompasses the entire ecosystem of the Revel Point of Sale Solution, clients only need manage their store from a single “back-office” URL online, and any changes or updates automatically propagate across all platforms for the world to see. Merchants can create their own coupon/discount campaigns and launch it themselves with ease to make it as simple as possible for business owners to generate revenue for their stores, with very little effort or maintenance needed.

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