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August 1, 2016

Project brief & details

The Delivery Management system was designed for and integrated with the Revel Point of Sale Solution. The new system was created in the span of about 2.5 months by 1 Product Manager, 1 Engineer & myself.

The old Delivery Management system was comprised of one screen with very limited functionality. A user could only see orders taken on the iPad Point of Sale itself, and then that same iPad was used to assign Drivers / Employees to the orders displayed. This process was not ideal, as sometimes employees taking the order were wasting time also assigning orders to other employees, or having to get managers to do it for them, thus interrupting the line-flow of any given establishment.

After speaking to large Restaurant clients such as Pizza Patron, Herbert & Gerbert’s, as well as many others, the team introduced concepts to these business owners to get feedback on all the pain points that Revel could potentially help solve for their businesses.

Feedback sessions and multiple iterations led to the product it is today, which includes features such an integration with UberRUSH technology, which allows order tracking via the REVELin iPhone & Android Apps, and complete CRM integration with the Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale Solution.

Many other notable usability and user experience enhancements, as well as order-taking time reducing features were included in the new design. These include the ability for a customer to make a call to a store or order online from any of our e-commerce products from any platform, (the REVELin app, or the Web Store) and the system will begin an order automatically, to be delivered to the customer on file or a new customer. No searching for customers is even necessary, provided the customer is already in the CRM database. Uber Integration was built in as well, for orders to be delivered even if a store didn’t have enough employees / drivers to take on the task. Another major feature is the ability for the Delivery Management system to actually talk to the Kitchen, and communicate back to Drivers / Employees when any given order is cooked and ready to be delivered. Drivers could then hit peek efficiency in knowing which orders are ready, and also which orders were ready that are going to be delivered in close proximity to each other. Various other intelligence was designed & implemented to provide the most automated & tracked system available on the Point of Sale market.

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