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3D Game Art, Other / Personal


Self-Instructional Practice

Date Added

August 1, 2016

Project Brief

The work seen here is comprised of miscellaneous 3D Artwork I’ve created over the years as self-instructional study, to better my skills in the art of game development. Multiple art tests as well as personal pieces can be seen here.

The tree & toxic barrels Art Test, commonly given by Naughty Dog game development studio to potential candidates, was given to me by Naughty Dog in 2010. It proved to be a very valuable learning experience for me in terms of how to be very efficient during my material & texture creation process, maximizing UV texture space and utilizing repeating, tiling textures to the utmost to save system resources.

Other early pieces seen here include a Lightsaber (my first 3D Model), as well as some 3D modeled scenery of which then was painted over (Gladiator Arena). Furthermore, I have done some level designs in-engine, such as my “Forest” map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & my “Sparring Arena” for Jedi Academy.

Some of the pieces seen here can also be viewed in my portfolio demo reel, here:

Tools used: Maya, zBrush, Photoshop, nDo, dDo, Topogun, Headus UV Layout

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